What To Look For When Hiring A Corporate Event Caterer

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If you are tasked with hiring a caterer for a corporate event for your company, you know it is a job that should not be taken lightly. Most people agree with us when we say an event is really only as good as the food. 

When hiring a caterer for a business or corporate event you have the right to be picky. Depending on the event your company is hosting, the success of an event could be a big deal!

Are you feeling the pressure?

Not to worry, we have gathered our top tips on what you can look for in a corporate event caterer. We hope these tips help you find the best of the best in event catering.

Customer Reviews

When you begin your search for an event caterer, you will find yourself shuffling through website after website. One thing you need to look out for as your read through each website are the customer reviews. 

Doing your research by reading through multiple customer reviews should give you a well rounded idea of how a caterer will follow through on everything you need from them.


Like we said, a corporate event is a good time to be picky about your caterer and hold them to high standards. Ask your caterer for their certification to ensure they meet health code and insurance requirements. This kind of professionalism is important for any caterer you hire, but especially when the stakes are higher for a corporate event.


Service is something that will make a caterer stand out from the rest. Depending on the style of your event, most caterers usually offer buffet or plated meals. These can all be served at different levels based on your needs. 

Watch out for companies that say they offer catering but really just provide delivery. Delivery won’t be satisfactory when you also need serving utensils, equipment to warm food, or help serving. 

No matter which style service you choose, your caterer should go above and beyond to make it enjoyable and personable for your guests. A great caterer will view themselves as a partner with you as the host of the event.  


Good presentation is the cherry on top of a good caterer. Presentation should be done professionally, this includes how the food is prepared. If it is prepared in front of your guests, it should be done so in a clean and appetizing manner. 

When the food is served, the best caterer will work with you to add any extra touches you may want to really wow your guests!

Next time your company is looking for corporate event catering, Rudy’s Smokehouse will check all the boxes as a professional and impressive caterer to any business professionals. Your guests will be happy and you will receive a “job well done” for booking a great caterer!

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