The facts about BBQ

Barbecue is a beloved American food with a passionate fan base and rich history. Many people, restaurants, and caterers have spent years trying to master the art of BBQ food, but few can call themselves experts in authentic BBQ.

Do you think your a BBQ expert? Check out these fun facts about BBQ to see if you measure up to the experts!

Barbecue History

The word Barbecue likely originated in the carribean before it came to america through southern florida. The first mention of the word Barbecue was found in a journal from 1733.

It is thought that the cowboys of the 1800s were the ones that discovered cooking their brisket low and slow not only made it somewhat edible but was actually quite delicious! Thank you Cowboys!

Famous Barbecue

Famous Barbecue joints are featured in countless movies, one of the most notable, however, is Kansas City Barbecue which was featured in Top Gun. Celebrities, Justin Timberlake, Billy Sims, and Bobby Brown all have their own line of Barbecue sauces or seasonings.

Barbecue Records

Barbecue food is the topic of competitions and challenges all across america. Currently the record for consuming baby back ribs is 5.24 pounds in 8 minutes.The world’s largest barbecue pit is from Texas and serves up 8,000 pounds of meat! Which does not surprise us since Texas is leading by having over 3,000 BBQ restaurants.

Barbecue clubs, societies, chefs, and at home barbecue experts have worked hard to keep BBQ food as delicious and authentic as it has been from the very beginning. Don’t be fooled by impostors, BBQ food should always be cooked low and slow, with quality meat, and topped with the best sauces and seasoning.

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