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When considering feeding a large crowd for an event, it’s important to consider how you as the host will be able to take on the big task of being responsible for filling the bellies of all your guests.

Read on to gather our best best tips for feeding a crowd to ensure you don’t take on more than you can chew. 

Have a plan 

You should be able to plan and shop and even prepare for much of your meal before the day or your event. Having a plan will help avoid any missed ingredients or added stress for you as the host. 

Anything else you can do beforehand such as cleaning, gathering serving dishes, or setting the table should be planned and done in advance!

Think large batches

When you plan your menu, you want to pick a meal that can be prepared in large batches. Anything that could be made in a sheet pan or large baking dish are great options when cooking for a large crowd at home. 

Even drinks and cocktails can be prepared in large batches. Mix up a signature cocktail, punch, or serve wine or beer from a keg. This will save you time from mixing up individual drink orders. 

Simplify everything

Refrain from choosing to cook and serve food options that are laborious or tedious to prepare or assemble. Choose appetizers that can be served out of a crock pot rather than ones that have to be individually assembled and placed on trays. Anything you can do to simplify the cooking and serving process will be helpful.

Serve family style or buffet

Choosing to serve your meal as a buffet or family style will help you manage getting food into hungry bellies in the most efficient way possible. The amount of time you will save by filling large serving bowls instead of plating each individual meal will be useful to help you host your guests well.

Hire a caterer

The best way to truly ensure you have satisfied guests with full bellies at your next event is to hire a caterer. At Rudy’s Smokehouse, we believe hosting an event should be just as much fun as attending one. 

One of the only ways to make this happen is to let our catering for events take the stress and pressure of planning, cooking, serving, and cleaning your meal off your shoulders. It will also take off any limitations doing it yourself may bring to your menu. Contact us today to get started planning your next event, when we work as a team to feed your crowd the possibilities will be endless!

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