Everything You Need To Know About Serving Appetizers

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Hosting a party well requires a lot of planning and decision making. From sending out invites and choosing a theme to planning the menu and activities, a party host always has their hands full. 

We all know that amongst the laundry list of items a host has in front of them, at the end of the day, there is one decision that trumps the rest as being the most important. The Menu.

Why is the menu the most important? Simply because it is most likely what your guests care about most and will be a vital part of them having a good time at your party or event. 

There are many different options for how you can serve food at a party, we would be here all day if we tried to go over all of them at once. So today, we will start at the beginning, appetizers.

How you serve appetizers

As a host you can serve appetizers how they were originally intended, as a first course of food before the main meal, or you can serve appetizers as a meal themselves which allows your guests to graze all night. Either way, if done right, it is bound to be a hit. 

Your serving style will depend on the style of your event. If your hosting a more formal event with a sit down meal, having a plated appetizer served before the main course is a wonderful way to warm up your guests’ taste buds. 

Appetizers can also be done for a more formal event by utilizing servers to move amongst your guests with a tray, this is called the butler pass.

For a more casual event or an event with less structure or timeline you may be more likely to utilize appetizers as your main course. Appetizers can be as hardy or light as you see fit. Serve a mix of both to allow your guests to graze throughout your event and fill up their bellies as they please. 

What appetizers your serve

Now that you know how you want to serve your food, you need to decide what you want to serve. 

For an appetizer that is served before a full meal, you will want to first consider what meal you will be serving. This is how you will decide how light or heavy your appetizer will be. You will also want to be sure your appetizer compliments your meal. For example, if your serving an italian meal you may want an italian style appetizer, as well. 

For a casual appetizer spread you will want to have a mix of both light and heavy appetizers. Having this mix will have your guests feel like they are getting a full meal and will appeal to many different appetites. 

You will want to have variety in an appetizer spread while at the same time making sure all your flavors and options flow well together.

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