3 Ways To Enjoy Catering Services On A Budget

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Often times catering services are seen as an expensive luxury that only the fanciest parties with the biggest budgets can really afford to use. Many times event hosts or party planners won’t even consider looking for a caterer as they assume it wouldn’t fall within their budget.

Well, we are here to tell you that affording catering is an option and catering services can enhance all different sized parties with all different sized budgets. Don’t let this myth that quality catering can’t be affordable rob you of your time and energy as you plan for your next event.

At Rudy’s Smokehouse we cater to many different events and are able to work with our clients to create menus at many different price points. We have gathered 3 ways we work with our clients to make their catering package more affordable.

1. Choose your serving option

We offer a variety of serving options, each fall at a different price point. Many times we advise those who are working within a more restricted budget to consider serving buffet style. Buffet style requires much less labor to present and serve. Therefore you are getting the same quality food as a plated meal at a lower price.

Another more affordable serving option is to do heavy horderves such as a mashed potato bar or dessert bar. Your guest will have a great time filling their plates with their own creations, meanwhile you aren’t paying for a full meal, even though everyone will still walk away with full stomachs.

2. Utilize mix and match catering

We also offer mix and match catering options. Other caterers dont provide much flexibility when it comes to their menu and packages. This often leads people to pay more for a package they may not even need.

At Rudy’s Smokehouse we work with our clients to customize their event menu and only serve them exactly what they want or need. This will save you money but not requiring you to pay for anything you don’t want.

3. Get creative with the extras

Catering can be so much more than just the food you serve. Many catering companies, including ours offer extras such as linens, table settings, and much more. Even though we offer many extra it does not mean you need to utilize and pay for them. As we previously mentioned with our mix and match style catering you are never forced to include anything you don’t need in your catering package.

This means if you own enough linens to cover your tables or you don’t need table linens, no problem that knocks off an additional expense to your catering costs.

At Rudy’s Smokehouse we make the dream of quality affordable catering a reality!


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